based Micro-blogging +integration with sharepoint

I starting creating micro blogging tool a month ago. Initially I thought it would be waste of time as SharePoint 15 is going to have it, but then I thought why not try to make something which is going to be better then what sharepoint is going to create as I know what will be drawbacks with sharepoint microblogging

all said lets get to work and describe what we did and how we did it.

step 1. Created a initial database with following tables

1. feed

2. comment


4. follow

5. employee {users}

2. Step two to create  Business layer and database layer to access this data. reason to do this we have a two set of logic one to insert retrieve data from database second to insert retrieve data in share-point

3. step three is to create a jsonp webservice we serializes feed,comment,like,employee objects and can we accessed directly from javascript.

4. Create a webapplication with FBWall.aspx and include following js files these are jquery plugins which helped in developing solution very fast

attaching screenshot of solution and js files and css files included




today I had included  timeago.js . mesmerized by things which people have done and contributed.  timeago converts time into days or minutes ago